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From 2014

Acrylic, Ink, Watercolor on paper or board

All Approx 18.5" x 31.5"

Each work depicts the top or bottom half of a stylized human bust in profile, either male or female.  The pieces are otherwise as disparate as possible within these constraints.

Holy Ghost Machines

From 2015

Ink on Vellum

All 14" x 17"

These pieces began as simple drawings reprinted onto vellum, and then differentiated with further ink drawing.  The vellum surface, semi-opaque and semi-absorbent, lends unique qualities to the color ink washes that complete each work.

Black & White

From 2010

Ink on Paper

All 14" x 17"

A series of black & white drawings that range in theme from clear figures and faces, to fully abstract forms of light and dark.  These works show an exploration of rendering styles that is clearly reflected in later more-colorful works.

Small Print Series

From 2010

Ink on Paper

These are a series of smaller pen & ink drawings that are made to work out ideas that are explored more thoroughly in larger pieces.  The pieces here are not mere sketches, the limits of size producing unique and interesting works than could not be replicated in a larger scale.

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